Ilya Netkach - violin teacherHi! I’m Illia Netkach, a violinist and violin teacher from the Ukraine. I graduated from Kharkov State College of Music in 2006 with the qualification “orchestra player, violin teacher”.

Initially, I looked for performance contracts. I was interested in joining a cruise ship band, which would enable me to earn money and gain experience while seeing the world. However, fate decreed otherwise, and in 2013 I got my first contract as a violin teacher in Qatar. There, I worked with such schools as Doha British School, Michael E. DeBakey High School, English Modern School and Newton School. During that time, I learned about ABRSM and Trinity, as we have different systems in Ukraine.

After Qatar, in 2014, I returned to the Ukraine and toured as a violinist (among the first violins) with the Prime Orchestra (formerly the Symphonic Show Orchestra).

From 2015-2016, I worked as a violin teacher in Bahrain, where I prepared several successful students for the ABRSM and Trinity Exams. One of my students won gold at the St. Christopher Music Festival.

In September 2016 I moved to Al Ain, UAE, where I work at the House of Arts Institute as a violin and music theory teacher.

In 2019 I got my LRSM Level 6 Diploma (Licentiate Of The Royal Schools Of Music) in Violin Teaching.

In addition to working as a teacher, I’m a performing violinist and composer. I have participated in several jazz jams in various countries, and won an award in the international jazz contest “Master-Jam Fest”. In 2016 my band received first place in the Battle of the Bands at the Hard Rock Cafe Bahrain. Several releases are available on my website. The most recent one – the EP “I Am” (2017) – was covered by such magazines as “Smooth & Soul” and “All About Jazz”.

Why did I decide to run an online teaching project? The idea came about a long time ago when I was contacted by an amazing classical violinist from Russia who was trying to learn jazz. It was a teacher-teacher collaboration, as I learned technique from him while I simultaneously taught him how to play jazz on the violin. A thought came to my mind: “Why not do this for everyone who wants it?” However, at the time it was just a thought.

The idea became more serious when I worked in Qatar and Bahrain. I became more recognisable as a musician and constantly received requests to teach online. I sought to cooperate with several outstanding teachers who had the same ideas I did. We created an online academy, but it was not successful enough.

The decision to embark on a solo project came about after I got some students, whom I call “YouTubers”, the guys who had previously learned violin from video lessons, but who weren’t successful. Along with some good skills, they learned a lot of mistakes. This was because most online courses are not supported by a teacher. You see what you see, and if you don’t notice a mistake, you don’t correct it. Also, there is always an understanding gap. In the best-case scenario, a person seeking online learning must search several websites to find out what they must learn. After consideration, I decided to undertake one more attempt and create a violin resource through which the student receives a comprehensive violin education that includes a large range of subjects and materials and that covers most of the demands of classical and modern music. The goal is for the student to become a well-educated, versatile violinist. I just started bringing it to life, so don’t be surprised if you don’t find something here. I’m working on it.

What else is there to say? Welcome to my online violin academy. Let’s start the journey!

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