The website is for those who want to learn violin online or who simply need additional professional support on this journey.

It’s definitely better. If you can find a properly educated and experienced violin teacher in your city, your best option is to call him or her. Still, you might find something of interest on this website.

You can, of course. However, based on my experience, YouTubers (as I call those who learn from YouTube) tend to pick up a lot of mistakes, as there is one disadvantage – most YouTube instructors don’t provide any real support, and you’ll never know whether they’re teaching (or you are learning) something correctly. Several of my students started with YouTube, then realized that they needed a teacher. They came to me, and we worked very hard to fix their mistakes and change their bad habits.

You need motivation, time, an instrument and a teacher … and, let’s be honest, money to pay for the lessons.

Look for a good music store in your city. If your city doesn’t have one, check the Internet. I usually recommend Amazon. You will want to look for such trusted brands as Stentor (my first choice), Yamaha, Strunal (from the Czech Republic) and Suzuki. This short list does not contain all the good violins out there, but these are brands with which I personally have had good experiences.

It’s best to have a violinist come with you to the shop. If you don’t know a violinist, you can check out the article “How to choose the right size violin to buy?”

You can compare what you play to the ABRSM, Trinity or any other syllabus requirements. If it’s still not clear, send your video through my “Learn By Email” page, and I will be happy to help you.

In short, the knowledge and skills you’ll pick up in Music Theory will help you understand the music more deeply, “from the inside”. There are many advantages. In my opinion, everybody who wants to be a musician must learn Music Theory. I insist that my students learn Music Theory by the time they have almost reached Grade 1 in playing.

Both work fine. The choice will depend primarily on your and the teacher’s availability – in other words, whether your schedules match. For example, I have a remote student from Canada, and since I’m currently located in the UAE, when she has free time to practice, I’m usually asleep. So, we work through email.

Currently, yes, so long as I can handle all of it and not miss a deadline. However, if this becomes overwhelming, I reserve the right to find an assistant who will help me. This person will definitely be a good teacher, so no worries.

You can subscribe to my newsletter. There is a form in the footer.

Currently, there are two ways – PayPal (which I prefer) and a “Pay By Invoice” option, if you don’t have PayPal. For the latter, I will create an invoice and email it to you. You will receive a message with instructions for paying by bank card.

Simply ask a question in the comments on this page, or contact me through the Contact Page.

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