How to choose the right size violin to buy?

How to choose the right size violin to buy?
There are nine sizes of violins we know: 1/32 (known as the smallest violin), 1/16 , 1/10, 1/8, 1/4, 1/2 , 3/4 , 4/4 (known as the full-size violin)

However, the 7/8 violin is a lesser known size. This size violin is often used by professional female violinists who are unable to steadily hold a full-size violin but still crave a full-size violin sound.  In order to address the needs of violinists with smaller hands, it’s sensible for violin manufacturers to produce a slightly smaller sized violin that creates sounds a full-size violin creates.

The right size violin: “Neck-to-Wrist Method”

In order to find the right violin size, you’ll need to measure how long your neck is to the middle of your left wrist (palm), in a fully extended and perpendicular position. This is the position you would hold your violin in.

Roughly 50% of violin teachers want students to use this form of measurement rather than the neck-to-mid-palm method. Why? It’s much easier for students to hold a violin when measurements are of the neck/wrist method. The neck-to-mid-palm method is the biggest violin size students can use.

Wrist to Palm method measurement

When a budding violinist has measurements that can fall into an either-or situation, it’s best to remember that children are still growing and could outgrow their violin. In situations such as these, it’s best to go with the larger measurement.  If a teacher is available, consider talking to them about violin size. The chart below lists the length of every violin size. Use the method you desire to get your length and then figure out what violin size is right.

Violin Size Length (in inches)
4/4 (Full size) 23
3/4 22
1/2 20
1/4 18
1/8 16
1/10 15
1/16 14
1/32 13

Using Age To Determine The Size

Another good way to figure out your violin size is age. Yes, the arm length method is far more accurate to get the appropriate violin size, but the age chart that follows can also help you to determine the right size.

Violin Size Age
4/4 (Full-Size) 11 and more
3/4 10-11
1/2 8-9
1/4 6-7
1/8 5
1/10 4
1/16 3,5
1/32 3 and younger

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