Assessment: Violin Exam (ABRSM, Trinity)




Kindly provide a link to the video of the piece you are performing. Please name the video using the piece title and its syllabus list number (i.e., “Parasolka” A:3)

Technical work

Kindly provide a link to the video of the technical work (i.e., scales, arpeggios, extracts, etc.) you are performing

Supporting Tests

Kindly provide a link to the video of the supporting tests you’ve completed


Do you have an ABRSM or Trinity Violin Exam coming up? Not sure whether you’re ready? Check yourself!

Kindly provide the links to your videos using the form above. You are advised to use trusted and safe services, either streaming (YouTube, Vimeo) or cloud storage (Google Drive or Dropbox). You are free to provide either audio or video; however, I would prefer to see video so that I can provide more comprehensive feedback.

The assessment may take up to five business days. When it’s ready, I will get back to you by email with results and comments.


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